Internet connection modem


Kalkomat was established in 1997. Our company workforce is called upon daily to maintain a consistently high level of quality production. As a result of our efforts, we are able to create and engineer quality made coin operated boxing machines.

Our company philosophy at Kalkomat is to listen closely to what our operator partners need or want in improving their boxing machines to increase their gross revenue and to reduce as many potential service related calls as possible. Our partners in boxer machines business, who use our equipment and report back to us whenever problems occur, have their say and are responded quickly. We are willing to improve or change any features as quickly as the coin op market evolves - These are some of the reasons why BoxNet was created.

1WiFi antenna slot (optional)
2Kalkomat Device socket (Kalkomat machines only)
3UP button
4DOWN button
5ENTER button
6GSM antenna (or slot)
7Reset button




Boxnet is an easy to connect plug-in multifunctional tool for monitoring all kinds of payment devices, dispensers ticket dispenser, prize dispenser and all additions and extensions installed in devices that work thanks to any form of payment.



Boxnet is highly sophisticated device, which allows to connect and work with all kinds of coin - and bill acceptor. It's easy to install in any money operated machine like all plug-in devics.



It can be used for devices of the following brands:
• Comestero — RM5
• NRI G13
• WH EMP 800
• Alberici — BILLYONE, ORYONE, AL55, AL66
• ICT — L70, L77F, XBA
• Innovative Technology — NV9, NV10, NV11, BV20, BV50
• MicroHard — M10, M20
• Electronic comparison coin validators
• Mechanical comparison coin validators
• ...and many more

8MicroSD card slot
9Micro-SIM card slot
1012V/ 1A Power socket
11Options – sockets for other devices
12Coin acceptor socket

The potential of BoxNet

We partially use the potential of BoxNet as a controlling device for connecting and managing system for coin operated amusement machines.

Being the creator and developer of BoxNet, we have the option of adjusting our product to individual customer requirements at every stage, being able to modify it at the software and hardware level.

It can be used inthe above devices for

Checking current ON/OFF status
Checking earning status
Checking if the coin or bill acceptor is working
Reporting whether the machine has been opened by someone
Generating reports and statistics
Sending email notifications with reports or alerts
Monitoring and accounting separately for cash and cashlesspayments
Creating user profiles with different permissions like host oroperator
Creating easy-to-manage groups of devices by the type of machines or the location

13GSM indicator (yellow LED)
14WiFi indicator (blue LED)
15POWER indicator (green LED)


Our clients have direct access to their devices via the web or a web application for mobile devices. To use a web application, you just need to create a shortcut to the application on your smartphone or tablet, regardless of the operating system you use.

Fully configurable

Our application is fully configurable, our clients can adapt it to their needs and requirements at any time, changing its appearance, configuring reports.